Witchy Myrmidon Hacker

•April 11, 2016 • 3 Comments

I’m trying to keep up a bit of momentum with my painting and posts here on the blog so now I present another Aleph mini for your viewing pleasure.

This time we have a Myrmidon Hacker, in the now familiar hot purple-orange scheme. Thankfully I’m still really enjoying painting those colours, which is a good thing considering I have plenty more Aleph minis to do!

Myrmidon Hacker Miniature

Myrmidon Hacker Miniature

Myrmidon Hacker Miniature

I shared a work-in-progress shot of her some time ago, which gives an idea how long I can leave some of my minis in a half-painted state! In that shot she had dark green hair.

Myrmidon Hacker WIP

It was OK but wasn’t quite clicking for me somehow so I decided to go for the same silver/purple style I used on the Deva Functionary I recently posted. I think it gives her a bit of a wild witchy look, which I reckon is kind fitting for a Hacker: the space wizards if Infinity!

A Pair of Devas

•March 12, 2016 • 7 Comments

Seeing as I’ve been neglectful of the blog (again) I figured I should make some recompense and backfill a little. So, here are a few Infinity Aleph minis I finished in 2015 but hadn’t uploaded.

Devas and Thorakitai

Devas & Thorakitai

From left to right we have a Devabot, two Deva Functionaries, and a Thorakite medium infantry.

I’ve used the same colour scheme for the rest of my Aleph so nothing particularly adventurous here, though I’m rather pleased with the almost metallic looking sheen of the male Devas shirt.

I could have spent a bit more time smoothing and tidying but they’re plenty good enough to stand alongside their squadmates on the table, I think.

Edit: thought I’d throw in a couple of close-ups of the pair of devas

Female Deva Functionary

Male Deva Functionary

Back with a Swagger

•March 4, 2016 • 1 Comment

Just when you think this blog has gone the way of most blogs, along comes an update!

So, I’ve not really been in a painting phase lately but I do have a few things to show that I’ve been working on this past few (six?) months. First up is a lovely little resin piece from a Kickstarted sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game called Fragged Empire. The RPG has an intriguing post-post-apocalyptic setting, taking place some time after a cataclysmic event and societies are in the process of rebuilding. Definitely encourage you to check it out: intriguing setting and the rulebook is a thing of beauty, with wonderful design and concept art throughout.

As I said it was a Kickstarter project and I think one of the stretch goals was the production of a miniature of one of the campaign characters: Rachel Swagger.

Rachel Swagger Miniature

Rachel Swagger Miniature

Rachel Swagger Miniature

Rachel Swagger Miniature

Rachel Swagger Miniature

I believe that the makers of the game are playtesting a tabletop skirmish game to go along with the RPG and have plans to make more miniatures. I hope that they do as I’d love to get my hands on some more of these resins.

Cordelia Turner and her Emo Attitude

•September 1, 2015 • 5 Comments

I was unexpectedly out of the country on business last week, which somewhat hindered my plans to get Scarface and Cordelia both finished in time to be entered into the Data Sphere Autumn painting campaign.

I did try an intense painting session over the weekend to see if I could blitz Scarface but, as a big old TAG, there’s just so much area to cover and I realised it was not going to be possible without some eye strain and backache.

Anyway, it was good motivation to make progress and I managed to get his little sister, Cordelia, completely done.

Here she is with all her emo attitude,

Cordelia Turner Miniature

Cordelia Turner Miniature

Cordelia Turner Miniature

Cordelia Turner Miniature

Cordelia Turner Miniature

There’s a lot of detail going on in a relatively small area so maybe the decision to freehand her t-shirt, Domino eye make-up and the ripped stockings might be a little too much but hopefully that’s mitigated by the use of a restricted colour palette.

And here’s how Scarface is looking alongside her in his WIP state,

Cordelia and WIP Scarface

Doesn’t really show in the photo but I have to say I’m really pleased with how that purple is working as a shade for the green. I’ve mentioned it before in a post I wrote about colour theory but you can achieve some really rich looking colours if add a hue shift.

Cordelia’s Ripped Stockings

•July 30, 2015 • 5 Comments

Quick little progress update on the Cordelia Turner miniature.

I mentioned in the last post that I was thinking of re-doing the legs on her to add a bit of punk attitude and also to differentiate her from Angel’s studio paint scheme.

First attempt at ripped stockings and I’m quite pleased with how they’re working out. Probably tidy a little more but they’re mostly there.

Cordelia Miniature WIP

And here’s a close-up of the back.

Cordelia Miniature WIP

Technique-wise it as pretty straightforward. Firstly I painted and shaded them whole using a mix of a dark brown with added flesh tone. Then I painted ellipses with a black-brown mix and neatly filled these with fleshtones, being careful to retain a very thin black line. I added some ladders/tears with a lighter mix of the stocking colour and added fleshtone. Finally I went in and tidied a bit with the original stocking colours.

Still a little bit of glazing and smoothing to be done but I think the effect is working how I imagined it would.

Also you’ll see that I smoothed the face a little, worked a bit on the cyber arms and also the breather mask, using the revised olive drab colour I’ve updated her shorts with.

Summer win, Autumn begins

•July 28, 2015 • 4 Comments

I’m delighted to announce, somewhat belatedly, that my Ajax was voted joint first place in the Data Sphere Summer Painting Challenge. Nice that voters liked what I’d done with the crazy big dude and nice to see a front page post on the website where they picked out some key features they liked on the winning minis. Congrats to ibanezmark and Kenza for their cool entries.

Check out the post here.

Now that the summer campaign has closed we’ve moved on to the autumn one, which will be about specialists in game – eg engineers, hackers, and the like. I’m taking part again as it’s nice motivation to paint my minis and have decided to do the mercenary pair of Scarface and Cordelia. Due to contest red tape I can’t just enter the engineer Cordelia Turner on her own as her brother Scarface and his big TAG are part of the legal profile and so must be entered as a pair. Like I said, it’s nice motivation to get them both painted anyway.

Here’s a work-in-progress shot of Cordelia:

Cordelia Turner Miniature WIP

Shading’s looking a bit rough in the pic but I’m really just blocking out sections and testing the colour scheme. It demonstrates a little how I paint my minis, flitting back and forth between areas, ensuring colour harmony and picking the bit I’m most motivated to paint. It’s really thanks to the wet palette that I can do this because I don’t have to remix colours every time I switch. At some point I’ll go back over and tidy or smooth things until I am ultimately satisfied with the result.

While I’m happy with the way her stripey tights have come out I’ve actually decided to repaint her legs as wearing ripped black tights, in order to push the emo theme I’ve got going on – the reason for the domino eye make-up – and also to distinguish her further from the studio paint job.

In other news, I had a couple of games of Infinity over in Camberley at the weekend where three of us got together for our own little a mini tournament. My Haqqislam Qapu Khalki list went up against Tim’s Combined Army and James’s Nomads after the two of them had played each other in a veritable Hack fest, and things went pretty swimmingly for me in both of my games.

I’d been trying to figure out how to play the Haqqislam as I’ve really struggled to get any decent results with them but the QK Sectorial list I used turned out to be very powerful with its double fireteam of Ghulam and Odalisques. I also took Scarface & Cordelia out for a spin and they put in a solid performance. In the end I won my games quite convincingly and it has led us to question how balanced the Infinity fireteam rules are – at our level of play, anyway.

Tim had put together a very pleasing table just using a Micro Art Studios game mat and the Mototronica cardboard buildings. It looked great and was a pleasure to play on, though I was shamefully playing with unpainted minis. Scandalous. However, I was so impressed by the quality of the mat, and the difference a decent ground texture/detail makes, that I am fully inspired to get on with designing my bespoke game mat to complement the Bladerunner noir terrain I’m working on.

Anyway, regardless of results, we all had a great day of gaming, with every mission playing out quite differently and loads of cool stuff happening on the tabletop.

Infinity rules.

Ajax on Data Sphere

•June 5, 2015 • 2 Comments

So down at Data Sphere, a friendly unofficial forum for Infinity players, they run regular painting campaigns to inspire players to pick up their brushes and get a themed mini painted. Sort of like a low pressure online painting competition.

I had missed the inaugural event but decided to take part in this summer campaign, which was themed around Heavy Infantry. I originally wanted to paint the Nomad Iguana Operator but he’s not deemed a standalone profile and thus I’d have had to get the accompanying (and awesome) TAG done as well. I wasn’t quite ready to commit to that so opted to paint Ajax instead – seeing as I already had him assembled and undercoated.

Technically not a Heavy Infantry, Ajax qualified for the campaign because in-game he exhibits all the characteristics of a HI: high armour, multiple wounds, and so on.

I got him finished a day or so before the May 31st deadline and here he is in that familiar grey and iridescent purple colour scheme I am using across my Aleph faction.

Infinity Ajax Miniature

Infinity Ajax Miniature

Infinity Ajax Miniature

Infinity Ajax Miniature

Ajax Closeup

Pretty pleased with him, though I wasn’t really trying anthing new and was just refining a tried-and-trusted colour scheme.

Anyway, proud to field him on the tabletop, although his first outing with his new paintjob saw him get mown down by HMG fire before he even got to let off a shot!

Next time you’ll get to smash stuff with that big ‘ol club of yours, Ajax, don’t worry.