Witchy Myrmidon Hacker

I’m trying to keep up a bit of momentum with my painting and posts here on the blog so now I present another Aleph mini for your viewing pleasure.

This time we have a Myrmidon Hacker, in the now familiar hot purple-orange scheme. Thankfully I’m still really enjoying painting those colours, which is a good thing considering I have plenty more Aleph minis to do!

Myrmidon Hacker Miniature

Myrmidon Hacker Miniature

Myrmidon Hacker Miniature

I shared a work-in-progress shot of her some time ago, which gives an idea how long I can leave some of my minis in a half-painted state! In that shot she had dark green hair.

Myrmidon Hacker WIP

It was OK but wasn’t quite clicking for me somehow so I decided to go for the same silver/purple style I used on the Deva Functionary I recently posted. I think it gives her a bit of a wild witchy look, which I reckon is kind fitting for a Hacker: the space wizards if Infinity!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 11, 2016.

3 Responses to “Witchy Myrmidon Hacker”

  1. So awesome, how you manage to fit such a smooth blend into such small areas is totally beyond me.

    You’ve probably said this somewhere else already, but can I ask, when you are glazing do you use a medium of some kind? If so what is it?


    • Thanks 🙂

      I don’t use a medium, just water. The trick for me is that the I mix up a tiny bit of a close/transitional colour on the wet palette and just lightly glaze to smooth things. I really must do a video tutorial as I probably don’t follow a step-by-step when I do it, going back and forth as I deem necessary.


      • Mate a video tutorial would be amazing…I can never tell with glazes if people are applying it all over or just to a small area.

        I’ve tried to do a couple of videos myself, kept abandoning them as I couldn’t paint and keep it inside the frame at the same time.

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