Mirja 360 and Livestream News

Work continues on the Drowned Earth miniatures. The game is now into the closing stages of the Kickstarter and has been smashing through its stretch goals, exceeding James’s expectations. It has been great to see the community growing around the game, on social media and in the comments section of the Kickstarter page. People’s imaginations seem to have been sparked by the rich setting, the beautiful miniatures and the narrative gameplay style.

The excitement around the game was palpable at Salute a couple of weeks back where we had set up a fantastic display area with some beautiful display boards. I was in attendance to chat with anyone interested about how I had painted the minis and despite not planning to spend the whole day on the stand, ended up staying there most of the day.

I’d finished Mirja and she was proudly on display with the previous three (Nix, Venk and Slethsk) for folks to get a close look at.

Here she is:

Quite a technical mini to paint, this one, with significant object-sourced lighting (OSL) from the flames, the flames themselves, and non-metallic metal effects on the brass tanks. I’m pretty happy with how all three of those aspects came out. Being picky I could probably point out some inconsistencies with the lighting effects where it’s not behaving entirely realistically but I feel like it’s serving its purpose to be dynamic and eye-catching.

Talking of dynamic, her pose actually makes it hard to capture everything from one camera angle – for example, the upper gout of flame obscures her face when viewed from the front – so to give a good sense of the three dimensional composition I thought I’d throw together a little animated gif. Hope it works in your browser!

Mirja 360

Now, in other news, I will be livestreaming some painting on the Drowned Earth YouTube channel this Tuesday, May 9th, at 19:30 UK time (GMT+1). Last week sculptor James Cain showed us his process for digitally creating a Kickstarter unlocked stretch goal of faction leader Kaneda riding a giant preying mantis. It was amazing to see James at work, effortlessly sculpting a creature out of digital clay before our eyes, and creating a stylised skull in seconds, without any pictorial reference. Fascinating stuff, and I encourage anyone interested in how modern digital miniatures are created to go watch the recording on the channel.

Anyway, this will be the first time I will have recorded or streamed anything like this and – whilst I am slightly nervous about the technical setup – I’m super excited to share my painting process with a wider audience as I am hoping to create more video content in the future.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on May 7, 2017.

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