Welcome to the Drowned Earth

So it’s time to break the silence again here on the blog and to talk about an exciting project I’ve been involved with, namely the brand new narrative skirmish miniatures game The Drowned Earth, currently smashing through stretch goals on Kickstarter.

James, creator of the project, is a good friend of mine and it has been fantastic to see his game evolve this past year or so and finally become a reality. He’s got such a strong vision for both the setting and the narrative swashbuckling style of gameplay and I’m so pleased to see it finally take wing, so I encourage you all to head over to the website or Kickstarter page and get involved.

For my part, I’ve been painting minis for him and it’s very gratifying to see them featured on the KS campaign and on news sites like Beasts of War.

The first I painted was a lizardman Indiana Jones type character called Slethssk, a scout for the Artifacters faction.

As with a lot of the Drowned Earth minis, he’s got a lot of character and a dynamic pose. I wanted to ensure his scales were visually interesting, beyond basic texturing, and after researching various lizard and iguana colour schemes from nature, I chose to add a hue shift to purple at his extremities, as well as that shock of orange along his crest. Pleased with how it came out.

I’m also especially happy with the NMM highlighting on the revolver. Often I use a blue-grey on weapons – eg the Infinity stuff I’ve painted – but chose to shade here with black and Vallejo Panzer Aces 337 (German Tank Crew Highlight) up to Vallejo Model Colour 986 (Deck Tan).

Next up was Papa Venk, a medic/sniper for the Firm faction.

He’s covered with loads of little details and trinkets – so many feathers, bones, horns, pouches and vials all vying for attention – so I had to be careful not to overload him with colours and avoid him appearing too busy.

And the final piece for this update is Nix, faction leader of the Artifactors. Clearly a sassy Lara Croft vibe going on here.

Again the sculptor has managed to add some dynamism to a fairly straightforward pose – with the angle of the hip, the slight tilt of the bow and the arm reaching back to the quiver for the next arrow, giving a real sense that she’s been caught in mid motion.

Really enjoyed painting her, going for a little bit of texturing on the leather trousers and if you look closely you’ll see a few freckles on her cheeks, inspired by the original concept art. Also, as with Slethssk, I’ve been having a lot of fun giving these minis a jungle/swamp base with some brass etch and paper ferns.

For those interested, I painted these with a Rosemary & Co Series 33 (Size 0), my go-to brush for minis at this scale.

That’ll do for this update. Watch this space for more previews of the Drowned Earth minis (I’m working my way through both the Firm and Artifactor starters right now) and do please head on over to check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Next weekend is Salute where I’ll be in attendance and supporting James at the Drowned Earth stand, so come over and say hi if you’re able to attend the event. He’s got some pretty spectacular demo scenery lined up.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 17, 2017.

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