Giant Gorillas and Tattoos

The Drowned Earth have just shared another couple of paintjobs I did for them so I guess it’s only right that I pop them up here on the blog, with some bonus photos from different angles.

First up we have Sage. He’s a giant intelligent gorilla chap, technically a Berengi in Drowned Earth lore I believe. I loved painting him as there’s something so unusual and thoughtful about his sculpt. Traditionally the gorilla would be the big heavy bruiser in a skirmish game but here we have one who seems to be inquisitive and curious to learn more about the world – fitting for the Artifacters faction.

Sage - Drowned Earth

Sage - Drowned Earth

Sage - Drowned Earth

I was especially happy with the expression on his face (did I say how much I love painting faces on minis?) and also the little gecko fellow in his hand.

Sage - Drowned Earth

Next up we have Kaneda, the faction leader for the Firm. I believe he’s a bit of a gangster and as you can see he’s got some Yakuza tattoo stuff going on – as inspired by his original concept art.

Kaneda - Drowned Earth

Kaneda - Drowned Earth

Kaneda - Drowned Earth

Kaneda - Drowned Earth

His clothing was an interesting challenge as I originally over-highlighted the folds and it was just a bit too overpowering. I glazed it back down and found it worked way better. I could perhaps have brought it back further but those folds are really prominent on the sculpt.

And then there was that tattoo…

I was a little daunted with it but once I’d researched the design I wanted to go for I knew it was just about getting on with it and tidying/adjusting as I went. The oni face on his upper arm didn’t quite come out as I envisaged but I think it works nonetheless. Happy enough with the koi over his chest and I think the overall effect is what I was aiming for.

I’m also really happy with the vein on his forearm. Just that little green glaze and shadow line helps to bring out that sinewy character. It’s the little things!

Oh and for the brush geeks: these two models were painted entirely using my trusty Raphael 8404, Size 0. 🙂

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 7, 2018.

4 Responses to “Giant Gorillas and Tattoos”

  1. Nice to see you posting again John, funny been following the Drowned Earth stuff and caught the painting video and was like, ah I know that guy, where did you get that colour wheel by the way?


  2. Cheers Jon 🙂 , managed to find one similar so will be trying to put it to use as and when I get the time to start back into painting again.


  3. nice to see you at Salute. here’s the 5-6mm scenery site I joined..


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