Statuesque Colours

ok, so in my last post I asked for a couple of numbers from readers and I got 268 (from Mark) and 76 and (Jani). Cheers, chaps.

Now how the Dickens am I going to turn those numbers into a colour scheme?

Some of you may have hazarded a guess, but what I actually had in mind was to use the excellent web app – taking the first given number as the colour hue and the second number as the angle for the secondary colours in a triadic scheme. The angle dictates how far around the hue wheel these colours will be from the direct complement.

If you like you can scooch on over to the site to see what it came up with here. I decided to pick a pastel version of the colours as I tend to think the fully saturated versions are too strong. To do this I went to the “Adjust Scheme” tab and selected the “pastel” preset from the dropdown.

That done, I chucked some of the resulting colour references into Photoshop and came up with a colour swatch I’ll be referring to as I paint:


To build the gradients I simply shifted the hue colder and the brightness/luminosity down for the shadows, and did the inverse for the highlights – ie warmer and brighter.

So there it is.

Next up I’ll be showing you the mini itself, and I’ve already got some ideas about how I can get these colours to work on it.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 26, 2012.

One Response to “Statuesque Colours”

  1. This is the figure that I mentioned the other night that this colour scheme brought to mind


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