Infinity Naffatun

I’ve been a veritable painting machine of late! Motivation is at a high and I don’t think I’ve ever been getting so much pleasure from my painting before.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a previous musing that I sometimes struggle to get started but am usually fine once I’m going. Well, this past week I’ve found it really easy to just pick up the brush and slosh on some paint. And it helps that I know I can get a mini finished within a couple of days.

Yesterday I decided to get a Naffatun painted up. These light infantry are such good value in game and one will probably be a mainstay in any squad list I put together. Infinity’s order/activation mechanic means that you tend to have a bank of “cheerleaders” hidden at the back to generate orders for your star players to go out and cause trouble with. The Naffatun is dirt cheap and comes equipped with a Heavy Flamethrower so it seems like a perfect defensive cheerleader.

Anyway, here she is:

Infinity Haqqislam Naffatun

Infinity Haqqislam Naffatun

Nothing fancy and lots of untidy bits but she’ll certainly suffice for tabletop.

Here’s a group shot of the Haqqislam so far. I should make up some terrain for these group shots, I reckon.

Infinity Haqqislam Squad So Far


~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 27, 2012.

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