A Pair of Devas

Seeing as I’ve been neglectful of the blog (again) I figured I should make some recompense and backfill a little. So, here are a few Infinity Aleph minis I finished in 2015 but hadn’t uploaded.

Devas and Thorakitai

Devas & Thorakitai

From left to right we have a Devabot, two Deva Functionaries, and a Thorakite medium infantry.

I’ve used the same colour scheme for the rest of my Aleph so nothing particularly adventurous here, though I’m rather pleased with the almost metallic looking sheen of the male Devas shirt.

I could have spent a bit more time smoothing and tidying but they’re plenty good enough to stand alongside their squadmates on the table, I think.

Edit: thought I’d throw in a couple of close-ups of the pair of devas

Female Deva Functionary

Male Deva Functionary

~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 12, 2016.

7 Responses to “A Pair of Devas”

  1. I may have just had sex with my monitor.


  2. Stunning work Max, what do you think of the Thorakiti model?


    • Thanks for the comment! I must confess the Thorakitai is one of my least favourite Aleph sculpts. Partly the pose and volumes that don’t quite work for me, but also I really struggled with the way the face is partly concealed. I love painting faces as I find they’re the focal part that really brings a mini to life, and being restricted here was kind of annoying.


  3. Nice work John, get them entered in the sci-fi squad category at Salute; just stay away of the fantasy unit category šŸ˜‰


    • Cheers, Hedley šŸ™‚ Sadly, no Salute for me this year as I’m at a friend’s wedding. First year I’m missing in years. You entering a Bushido crew?


      • No Bushido this year, the game (and consequently the drive to paint anything for it) have withered away locally, so it’s back to the Rackham stockpile (Behemoth orcs this time).


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