Ajax on Data Sphere

So down at Data Sphere, a friendly unofficial forum for Infinity players, they run regular painting campaigns to inspire players to pick up their brushes and get a themed mini painted. Sort of like a low pressure online painting competition.

I had missed the inaugural event but decided to take part in this summer campaign, which was themed around Heavy Infantry. I originally wanted to paint the Nomad Iguana Operator but he’s not deemed a standalone profile and thus I’d have had to get the accompanying (and awesome) TAG done as well. I wasn’t quite ready to commit to that so opted to paint Ajax instead – seeing as I already had him assembled and undercoated.

Technically not a Heavy Infantry, Ajax qualified for the campaign because in-game he exhibits all the characteristics of a HI: high armour, multiple wounds, and so on.

I got him finished a day or so before the May 31st deadline and here he is in that familiar grey and iridescent purple colour scheme I am using across my Aleph faction.

Infinity Ajax Miniature

Infinity Ajax Miniature

Infinity Ajax Miniature

Infinity Ajax Miniature

Ajax Closeup

Pretty pleased with him, though I wasn’t really trying anthing new and was just refining a tried-and-trusted colour scheme.

Anyway, proud to field him on the tabletop, although his first outing with his new paintjob saw him get mown down by HMG fire before he even got to let off a shot!

Next time you’ll get to smash stuff with that big ‘ol club of yours, Ajax, don’t worry.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 5, 2015.

2 Responses to “Ajax on Data Sphere”

  1. Simply stunning! Nice work!


  2. Just checked on the army builder and it looks like he is Heavy Infantry. Maybe it changed? Makes sense anyway, look at the bloody size of him.

    Yes it was a real shame he got taken out so quickly. Real shame.

    Great paint job though.


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