Project Assemble

With my magpie-like attraction to all the new shinies that Corvus Belli put out each month, coupled with my faction-promiscuity in the game (five and counting!), I’m really amassing quite the grey pile of unassembled minis it seems. I figured some sort of intervention was in order, or at least a kick up the backside to get making and painting them.

So with that in mind I’ve launched my own little Project Assemble initiative, where I at least get them put together and spray undercoated so that I could use them in game, in a pinch and accepting the shame of playing with unpainted minis.

Here’s phase one assembly completed, a whopping 14 minis (including a TAG):

Assembled Infinity Minis

In choosing what to put together I looked at how I could improve my under-performing Haqqislam faction that are currently a bit of an unfocused hodge podge and thought I might try some fireteam-heavy Qapu Khalki sectorial action with Ghulams and Odalisques. On top of that we’ve got the remainder of the Operation: Icestorm Nomads, plus the Iguana TAG (and operator) for good measure because it looks so damn cool.

The full inventory of who you can see in the pic above, working left to right, is:

  • Nomad Spektr
  • Nomad Grenzer
  • Nomad Reverend Healer
  • Nomad Mobile Brigada
  • Nomad Iguana Operator
  • Nomad Iguana TAG
  • Mercenary Yuan Yuan
  • Haqqislam Ghulam Hacker
  • Haqqislam Ghulam w/ Rifle
  • Mercenary Kaplan Technical Services w/ Adhesive Launcher
  • Haqqislam Ghulam w/ Rifle
  • Haqqislam Odaliaque w/ SMG
  • Haqqislam Odalisque w/ Contender
  • Haqqislam Djanbazan w/ HMG
  • Come to think of it, I really should have put together the Corporate Security pre-order bonus mini from Operation Icestorm as part of this initiative so that I had all minis from that box set done. Oh well. She’ll have to be first up in the next batch.

    Oh and before I sign off on this post, I’ve decided to enter the Summer Painting challenge over on the Data Sphere forums.

    The theme for this second of their online painting thingies is Heavy Infantry so I’ll be painting Ajax, the big hammer-wielding Aleph dude. Here he is, all undercoated and with a date stamp for good measure!

    Ajax Miniature Undercoated

    I’ve got a load of part-painted Aleph minis just waiting to be finished off so this is a nice bit of motivation.

    ~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 12, 2015.

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