Coming out of Hibernation with more PanO

No sooner did I start crowing on about how prolific I intended to be here on the blog this year than I went and caught a cold again that knocked me out of the painting habit. This winter, despite being milder than recent years, has seen me struggling with motivation for some reason. I think next year I might just find a cave to crawl into for hibernation!

Anyway, the cold has gone, the sun is out, and I picked up the brushes again to finish off a couple more of the Operation: Icestorm PanOceania minis.

First up is the ORC Heavy Infantry,

Panoceania ORC Heavy Infantry

Panoceania ORC Heavy Infantry

Seems like a fairly standard dude with heavy exo-suit armour, reasonably costed and he comes with a fairly versatile multi rife. I decided to stick the urban camo on his shoulder plates to add a bit of uniformity to the squad, and also because I enjoy painting it!

Then there’s the Akali Sikh Commando,

PanOceania Akali

PanOceania Akali

Those ski things on his back signify him as a drop trooper, capable of airborne deployment. This can cause a serious tactical headache for your opponent in Infinity when you drop him in their backlines, or he can be really useful for advanced deployment to grab objectives or provide precision fire support.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 17, 2015.

4 Responses to “Coming out of Hibernation with more PanO”

  1. Hey mate, love your work!
    Would you mind sharing the colours you used to get that blue? Was it the Giraldez method?


    • Thanks, Aaron!

      Re the colours, as far as I recall I think I used Vallejo Model Colour Pastel Blue (a colour I use a lot for highlighting black, for example), with highlights of GW Space Wolf Grey up to pure white, and then glazed over with an Army Painter mid blue colour (Crystal Blue?) to return a bit of saturation. Can’t recall what I used to shade it. Maybe a little bit of P3 Coal Black for a subtle green hue shift. You’d think I’d keep a track of this for consistency across my army!

      I don’t really use the Giraldez method other than doing an all-over zenithal undercoat with the airbrush. For these PanO models I would have done that undercoat with those blue tones listed above. Most of my blending is done with the brush, using glazing to smooth over the transitions. I don’t do the full on “juices” technique though, tending to paint close colours directly from my wet palette and then using thinner versions to smooth things out. I intend to start putting together some videos soon, which will explain things a whole better, I hope!


  2. hey max, great work. I realy like you’re color combination. Would you share you’re recipe for the orange-streety bases?


    • Thanks for the comment. Few years back now so the memory is rusty but it looks like I would have used something like Vallejo Game Color Parasite Brown as the main colour, with Vallejo Red for shadow and some sort of fleshtone (VMC Medium Fleshtone?) as the highlight, airbrushed and then finished with a GW Devlan Mud wash.

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