Five Year Review

Was it Mark twain who coined the phrase about Lies and Statistics? Well whoever it was, they were on the button in pointing out just how powerful statistics could be at indentifying or obfuscating truth in data.

I’m particularly interested in the topic, particularly of data visualisation and it forms a large part of my non brush-wielding day job, so when I was looking at the WordPress admin site for this blog and was started browsing through the various charts and stats that they collate for me, I figured it would be nice to share a couple of charts with you.

First off, I’m pleased to say how happy I am that I’ve been running this blog for five years now and over that time have published a total of 257 posts, it’s been viewed over 89,000 times and I have accrued 50+ followers. That last number may seem small but I am humbled that people would want to subscribe to the blog, particularly given that I don’t go out of my way to publicise it. Thanks all!

Anyway, those charts. First up is a look at the number of views I’ve gotten over the years,

MVD Views Per Year

As more content was published and more people followed I suppose it was unsurprising to see the rise up til my peak year of 2013 where I had over 23,000 views. 2014 saw a drop in activity and this is unsurprising to me as I felt that I had a particularly quiet year on the blog.

This next chart bears that out,

MVD Posts Per Year

My expectation of the lifecycle of a blog would be that it would have an initial flurry of excitement followed by a steady decline in interest. I sort of had that if posts published is anything to go by but you can see that I was most committed back in 2011 – year two. As I supposed, 2014 was a fallow year for me with a paltry 28 posts.

It’s really interesting to see this crystalised in the data and I have to say that it has galvanised me toward more activity on the blog. I’m already three posts into the year, well four counting this one, and if I keep up the pace then I could be back on for a 50+ poster!

Regarding content, the WP admin also gives me a peek into the popularity of individual posts as well as where my traffic comes from and goes to, which is handy to get a sense of what people are drawn to on a hobby blog like mine.

Winningest posts seem to be the few battle reports I did in the early years, then some of the tutorial stuff I switched to in recent years. People seem to like battle reports with pictures in so I should really get back to doing that and also continue with those tutorials – I’m even toying with the idea of recording some video! Another post that gets regular views is the one about wargame demo tables at Salute. I like that as it was a positive celebration of the awesome work people put into their gaming tables.

Well there you have it, the blog is five years old and counting. I’m looking forward to picking up the pace again in 2015, painting more minis and posting more regularly, and it’s probably time for a new lick of paint round here.



~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 21, 2015.

2 Responses to “Five Year Review”

  1. Kia ora

    Those are some impressive stats. I don’t know if you’re looking for feedback but an “issue” I have is your text size is so small. Doesn’t seem to matter which browser I use, mobile or at work that does make it trickier to engage.

    And clickable pictures!

    Otherwise I have enjoyed your posts in 2014 and look forward to more!


    • Hi, Minitrol. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll definitely take it on board. I’ve been thinking for some time about updating the design of the blog and text size as well as the whole white-on-black eyestrain are things I wanted to address. Back when I started the blog I just picked a theme that I found visually appealing without thinking too much about its readability!

      Your second comment, regarding clickable pictures, could you elaborate? The images should be clickable and most link through to my Flick account. Is that not working for you or is there another issue with them?


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