PanO Fusilier Speedpaint

Not a New Year’s resolution as such but I’m intending to get better at finishing stuff off in 2015. OK, I guess that is a resolution. Anyway, what it means is that I’m going to have to get more efficient with my painting time if I’m going to make any headway with the recently audited grey pile of Infinity miniatures. So these PanOceania and Nomad factions will be getting a relative “speedpaint” in order to get them ready for play.

I mostly took my sweet time with the Haqqislam and Aleph, with miniatures taking me from 4-10 hours to complete and even then those four hour Haqqislam paintjobs were really a speed record for me.

That’s a record that I have just slashed by an hour!

I present my first PanOceania Fusilier, all finished (bar the varnish and base logo) within a mere 180 minutes:

PanO Fusilier Miniature Speedpaint

He’s really untidy and not what I’d normally feel comfortable publishing here on the blog, but I really want to get this squad done as quickly as I can and still be happy to push them round the tabletop, making pew pew noises.

Quite pleased with the colour scheme, sticking to a fairly standard blue/white situation, but with the red-orange accent as I intend to go mostly NeoTerran and it seems appropriate. Also happy with the urban camouflage trousers and collar as it emphasises that future military look.

I usually find painting the guns to be pretty boring and leave them mostly grey or black but here I added white panels as it seems in keeping with PanO having the most advanced tech in the game. Makes the combi rifle a bit more interesting visually at least.

So, there he is all done in record time, and the good news is that I’ve got the colour scheme all worked out. This means they should only get faster from here from here on out, which I think buys me a little time to keep things tidier with the blends and highlighting.

2.5 hours for the next Fusilier?

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 5, 2015.

6 Responses to “PanO Fusilier Speedpaint”

  1. I don’t really time how long I spend painting miniatures – I dip in and out. But given that a recent two and a half hour stint, in which I got a few things progressed a bit, was a bit of a personal record, I think I need to find ways of concentrating and getting some serious hours logged.

    While you may be worried at it being untidy, I’m looking at this as an awesome tabletop miniature. I don’t want to call it “tabletop quality” – it’s much better than that.

    Don’t be afraid to put work like this on your blog – as long as you’re clear that speed was your focus over detail, people will be able to understand the difference.


    • Cheers for the comment. I was intrigued to know exactly how long it took to paint a miniature – something people would always ask me – so I did the timer experiment with my Haqqislam miniature in 2012. Basically setting a countdown timer for an hour and registering progress at its conclusion. It weirdly helped to focus on speed.

      For this PanO mini I wanted to see if I could get one done in 2hrs, so set myself 30 minute countdowns. I quickly realised that it was an unrealistic target but the 30 minute countdown was a useful breakpoint anyway to get up and stretch.


  2. Nice work!! really like the camo fatigues – as a dunce with camo – could you take WIP pics on the next one you do?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Cheers, Mike. The camo came together surprisingly easily on this one. Maybe because I’d practised on the desert camo fatigues on my Haqqislam.

      I do intend to do more tutorial stuff on my blog this year so I’ll look to do a camo one off one of these fusiliers I think.

      In the meantime, the steps were:
      1. Base colour pale grey and some rudimentary shading of the fatigues
      2. Mid grey splotches fairly liberally all over
      3. Black spidery splotches “at random”
      4. White spidery splotches

      That settles it, I’ll definitely have to do a tutorial if it gives me the chance to write “white spidery splotches” again 🙂


  3. More tutorials would be most welcome 🙂


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