Rats and Infinity Factions Three

Quick little update on some things I’ve got going on.

Mrs Von Deadlock and I have been enjoying playing the excellent boardgame Mice & Mystics over the festive break and it has spurred me to get a bit of paint on the cute minis that come with the game.

Here we have some work in progress pictures of three of the evil rat guards.

Mice & Mystics Rats WIP

Pretty basic paintjobs but they’ll serve as worthy adversaries for the heroic mice once I’ve painted the metallics on their armour plates and viscious looking cleavers.

Next up we have the start of a third faction for Infinity, this time some vanilla PanOceanian troops.

300 points of Infinity PanO

The models in Infinity are so great that I find it hard to resist the lure of picking up more shinies. PanOceania were one of the factions that come in the Operation: Icestorm starter set, along with Nomads, and here you can see the seven PanO models from that set expanded out to 300 points by adding a Trauma Doc, a Swiss Guard and a Neoterra Bolt Hacker. Eventually I plan on putting together a NeoTerran sectorial army but I figured I should focus for now on making the starter set missions playable. I’ll be taking the same approach with the Nomads from that set also.

I just ran a bit of an audit of my “grey pile” of Infinity miniatures and it turned out to be (unsurprisingly) damning just how many I have sat unassembled in boxes. So I’ve decided to focus on getting 300 point playable lists ready and painted for all my factions.

As PanO and Nomads are my third and fourth factions I plan on doing a bit of a speedpaint on the minis in order to get them to table as efficiently as possible.

For this bunch I’ll be using a fairly vanilla colour scheme of pale blue and orange or yellow accents though one thing I may add is some urban grey camouflage material. I’ve seen someone do it on the Data Sphere forums and thought it looked cool enough to steal.

Really hoping I can share some more progress updates on these guys before too long.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 29, 2014.

3 Responses to “Rats and Infinity Factions Three”

  1. Not heard of that game, must check it out.

    I like the colouring of the infinity bases, mind sharing your recipe?

    Hope you had a good Chrimbo.


    • For the bases I did a first spray with Vallejo Panzer Aces German Highlight, basically a dark grey-brown colour. Then a mid tone of GW Fire Dragon Bright focused mainly at the front of the base. Finally a small highlight using Vallejo Model Air Sand (Ivory).

      I think I will finish them with some weathering marks/scratches, Ivory highlights and a red wash and a Devlan Mud wash.

      The new technique for me here was the use of cling film to mask over the miniature so I could spray the base without too much overspray. Easy to do and worked a treat 🙂


  2. Cling film 101 uses…now 102. Thanks mate, very useful.


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