Devas and Myrmidons

Funny how the painting mojo waxes and wanes. I’ve been in another little hiatus this past month or so, barely picking up the brushes at all. I have been assembling the lovely Nomad and PanOceanian minis from the Operation: Icestorm box though.

That said, just this week I decided to get back to the painting and resumed work on some of my Aleph who have been sat in an undercoated state for some time.

First up we’ve got a work-in-progress shot of a Deva Functionary

Aleph Deva Functionary WIP

This was one of the first Aleph models I assembled and I regularly use her in game so it’s criminal that I’ve taken this long to get paint on her. Really pleased with the choice of pale hair and I think she looks really different to the studio version – almost like a different model entirely.

Next is WIP on a Myrmidon Hacker

Myrmidon Hacker WIP

Myrmidon Hacker WIP

In game I have never bothered with the sectorial lists and running fireteams. I always feel they’re a bit overpowered and sort of avoid them out of protest. But as they say: “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em”. So I’ve been putting together more Myrmidons. This one’s a hacker with crazy hair and some weird goggle situation. I like it.

Picture’s a bit too contrasty, unfortunately, but you get the idea.

I promise it won’t be two months before the next update! *Sneaks away sheepishly*

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 12, 2014.

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