Infinity O-12 High Commissioner

One cool thing that Corvus Belli have been doing lately is adding non-combatant miniatures to their Infinity range and also providing scenarios and missions to use them in, such as those found in the Dire Foes boxed sets and also Campaign Paradiso.

I like my games to be narrative and objective-based so the idea of playing kidnap, rescue or escort missions with civilian models really appeals, and that’s what we had in the last Paradiso mission I played against John the other night (Mission 203). Results-wise it was a 5-0 washout with John’s PanO successfully disabling a comms antenna so I couldn’t track his dropship and then managing to evacuate a scientist from said dropship, although the game didn’t play out quite so one-sided.

Anyway, we needed a mini to represent the scientist in game so I opted to use the new O-12 High Commissioner miniature and give him a white coat to make him look a little bit scientific.

O-12 VIP Miniature

O-12 VIP Miniature

Quite pleased with him considering he was a relatively quick paintjob and it was useful practice painting whites, which can be fairly tricky.

In case anyone is interested in a recipe, here I used:

Vallejo Model Colour VMC White
VMC Medium Grey (actually a light khaki kind of colour)
VMC Flat Brown mixed into the grey for darkest shadows

This gave a fairly warm white colour overall compared to the purple-greys I’ve been using on my Aleph.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 26, 2014.

4 Responses to “Infinity O-12 High Commissioner”

  1. I really like your colour scheme, really brings the detail on the model out!


  2. Pretty nice. I eventually plan to pick him up as well for the same reasons you did.
    I have to say, I am pleased to find another orange nut out here on the web.

    I personally am not too much of a fan of oranges and blue tones. Mostly because the contrast is so overused on a lot of things. I do like the blue work on this model though. Ever thought what a little purple shading would add to the miniature?


    • Cheers. As for purple, I find myself using it on most models (VMC Royal Purple is a regular go to), so I thought I’d take a break here. That said, adding a reddish brown shadow to blue can give some really good tonal interest.


      • I can understand that! A break from the norm is sometimes needed. I am going to do so by painting up some commission pieces with all kinds of colorful goodness. lol

        Got any pics of said scheme? Sounds interesting. I can kind of see it in my mind. Ever done blue as a shade for orange?


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