Infinity August Previews – Aleph and Haqq

Something a little different today as I’m going to be taking a quick look at a couple of preview images coming out of Corvus Belli for Infinity factions I play.

First up, we have the Ghulam Infantry specialist box set, for Haqqislam:

Ghulam are the bog standard cheerleader troop choice for Haqqislam and now we’ve got resculpts for the Hacker, HMG and Sniper, and a missile launcher replacement for the Panzerfaust.

I have mixed feelings about this group. Mostly I love the new sculpts – particularly the HMG guy as the old one is especially ugly, and I also really like the Hacker’s pose.

However, it seems a shame that the ladies appear to have the same head sculpt. Also it brings up the challenge that we’re starting to get nicer resculpts for models I already own. I say a challenge because the aesthete in me wants to replace the old ones with the newer shiny ones and I’m less motivated to assemble/paint any of the old sculpts I’ve already got. Will I ever get around to assembling my Kum Bikers, for example? (though there is something quirky and sci-fi about those mono-wheels)

This resculpt issue is particularly acute in Malifaux, where I’ve got a fair amount of metal minis that are now being universally resculpted in plastic by Wyrd. eBay may have to come into play.

Anyway, back to Infinity and we have the second preview of interest to me: Thamyris the Aiodos.

He’s apparently a very good Hacker dude for Aleph so I’m tempted. That said, I’ve had a lot of utility from my Posthuman Mk2 Hacker, and therefore don’t feel that hacking is something I’m missing in my Aleph lists right now.

As for the sculpt, I quite like it although the casual look feels a little out of place with the sleek futuristic designs of the Aleph faction. Thamyris looks like he should be nonchalantly chewing gum, stood on a skateboard and listening to Avenged Sevenfold. He’s even wearing skate shoes! Lastly, and it seems like heresy to say it, I’m not a fan of the paintjob on the face and blue hair.

Please bear in mind that these minor criticisms are relative to the extremely high bar that Corvus Belli have set themselves and they continue to be top of the pile for 28-32mm sci-fi miniatures.

I have to say I’m really enthused about Infinity right now and feel like I may be over the hump in terms of the beginner learning curve. I can’t wait to play again and am also really enjoying fast-painting the minis that I’ve had sat assembled and undercoated for some time.

Finally, I have some grand plans for terrain and a gaming table setup that looks totally awesome in my head. More on that in later posts.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 8, 2014.

One Response to “Infinity August Previews – Aleph and Haqq”

  1. I know what you mean about the re-sculpts, the new Infinity models are on another level!


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