Panzer IV for Bolt Action

Although I’m very much into Infinity at the moment, I’ve also been getting a lot of enjoyment out of playing Bolt Action, by Warlord Games.

It’s a fairly simple 28mm WW2 ruleset but we’ve found it to be a lot of fun to play – pitching my German Heer against Tom’s US Airborne, or (other) James’s British Commandos in the bocage hedgerows of Normandy.

Of course, playing as the Germans I get to use all the cool looking tanks and half-tracks. One such being the iconic Panzer IV, which I painted up with a simple middlestone and green camouflage and weathered up a bit.

Panzer IV 28mm Scale

I can’t remember who the manufacturer of this particular resin piece was as I bought it yonks ago and it’s really not the best of casts, suffering a fair few rough sections and air bubbles. Still, weathered like this it looks perfectly fine on the tabletop.

To weather it I just dabbed a few dark grey spots over it with a sponge, sprayed over a coat of Klear floor polish, and then liberally sploshed it with coats of the Flory Weathering Wash – first with rust, and then with the grimy dirt. I like these washes as they are a great lazy way of picking out panel details and the like with minimal effort. Rub it over with a damp tissue or cotton swab and you’re left with grime in the nooks and crannies, and it’s easy enough to create streaking effects.

The turret is removable, which means it can be rotated in game and of course accustomed by the mandatory pew pew noises!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “Panzer IV for Bolt Action”

  1. Very cool looking tank. Am also really engrossed with BA WW2 atm.. but with the other Axis powers of IJA! Not as many tanks, but still a few with some interesting twists all their own! You going to do more showing of your army soon?


    • Thanks, Kyle. Looks like Bolt Action is taking a bit of a backseat for the moment as one of our players has just moved out of the country and I’m focusing on Infinity for the time being. Won’t be long before I’m back at the Bolt Action though as it’s definitely my number two game at present.


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