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I had a game of Infinity at the weekend with my old friend James. It was James who actually introduced me to the game way back in the early days of the game as he had been looking to scratch a sci-fi miniatures game itch – settling on this new game (I guess this was back in about 2007) with lovely realistic looking minis and reaction-based gameplay. I first dabbled in Yu Jing back in those early days but then other things got in the way, more shiny distractions came along, I moved further away and we shelved our Infinity miniatures for another time.

Skip forward seven years and I’ve now got Aleph and Haqqislam miniatures painted and am fairly regularly playing the game down at the local games club, meanwhile James had been bitten by the painting bug and is working through his collection of Nomads. So for old times’ sake we decided to get together for a game.

I’ve been playing through the Paradiso campaign exclusively with my Aleph lately so I thought I’d use this game as an opportunity to dust off the Haqqislam. Wouldn’t want them to feel neglected!

I put together a quick 300pt list and realised that there were a couple of key units that I hadn’t gotten around to painting – an Asawira Regiment heaviy infantry, and an Odalisque with Spitfire rifle. The game was due in a couple of days and that was great motivation to try and get those two minis painted double-time to my tabletop standard.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case when I try to compromise my standards to speedpaint, I end up slowing down to smooth out blends, re-work sections and do more tidying than I need to.

Net result was that I only got the Asawira model finished so I had to play with an unpainted mini again. The shame!

Still, one model painted to completion in a day is pretty good going for me and I’m happy with how he came out. Bedecked in red and tan he fits in with the rest of my Haqqislam quite nicely.

Asawira Regiment Infinity Miniature

Asawira Regiment Infinity Miniature

Asawira Regiment Infinity Miniature

How did he do in game?

Well let’s just say that he didn’t set the tabletop afire. On the first turn he came up against a Nomad TAG that was in cover in the centre of the table and protected by some ODD field so he had to duck back into cover after taking a wound. I ended up focusing on the flanks for the rest of the game so the Asawira never came back out to play.

He’ll have his day, I’m sure.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 5, 2014.

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