Infinity Batrep – Paradiso Mission 201

Oops. I just realised I had not posted the battle report from my last Infinity Campaign Paradiso mission, despite writing it some weeks ago, and I’ve got the next game booked in this week. So without further ado I present my summary of Campaign Paradiso mission 201.

This mission followed on from 103 and had my Aleph sending an interdiction force to steal the alien black box from John’s PanOceanians before they could evacuate from one table edge. The PanO lieutenant was also a priority target, granting bonus victory points to me if he was eliminated or to John if he survived.

In narrative terms it made sense for me to field some different units as this was a separate interdiction squad and it was therefore good motivation to assemble some new minis. As a result I quickly made up Ajax (hulking fellow with a big club), Diomedes (winged airborne chappie), Atalanta (sniper lass with cute little spot bot buddie) and a Myrmidon hacker.

I say “quickly” assembled, but this is Infinity we’re talking about so there was a great deal of filing, sanding, drilling, pinning and greenstuffing to be done.

Anyway, I got them put together and airbrushed a quick zenithal purple-grey basecoat to minimise the embarrasment of unpainted minis. Oh and there was the small matter of a dropship that I made up from a kit and spray airbrushed.

More to follow on that dropship in a separate post.

The game itself turned out to be rather tense and we had a classic back and forth as the balance of power shifted throughout. There was a special rule that certain parts of the jungle-filled table were designated as hostile zones – meaning that on certain dice results the terrain would dish out some damage to the affected models. It made for an extra tactical dimension, although I’m sure we inevitably forgot to apply the effects from time to time.

It was a cagey start as on turn one the central jungle section was particularly hostile, so the PanO Knightly Orders assembled and waited for the storms to pass. The Aleph ambushers set up suppressing fire cordons from Atalanta and an Asura. As the terrain cleared though it was a canny advance from a PanO Order Sergeant (I think) who managed sneak forward through the jungle to take out Atalanta, slinking back to the safety of his lines after the act.

Although it slowed the PanO advance, a fireteam of Knights Hospitallers was able to break out and escort a baggage bot to the dense central jungle, picking off any Aleph ambushers they could see.

Tables turned though as I gave John a taste of his own medicine and successfully airborne deployed Diomedes just outside the jungle thicket. He proceeded to sneak in and disable the baggage bot, hoping that it was the target one carrying the alien tech from mission 103.

My Chandra spec ops had called in the dropship, which dropped through the jungle canopy just my side of the table, ready for my own baggage bot to fetch the alien device.

The panzerfaust carrying Hospitallers turned out to be a hardy and formidable group as they continued forward to my back lines, turning their attentions to my Asura. Meanwhile, Diomedes and Ajax had advanced close enough to target the PanO troop leader Father Officer Gabriel De Fersen, who was directing operations from the cover of a rock outcrop. Diomedes took the lead and sprang forward using a jetpack powered leap to engage in an epic close combat duel. After fending off many blows, Fersen was eventually taken down and objective points were scored.

Although the Knightly Orders were religious troops and thus not crippled by the loss of lieutenant rule, it wasn’t long before they had taken significant enough losses and had to fall into retreat, ending the game.

Final score was Aleph 2 – PanO 0

Man of the match was most certainly Diomedes and I’m really glad I spent all that time pinning him!

Next mission we’ll get to see what Aleph makes of this recovered alien tech device.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on July 29, 2014.

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