Smell the Sulphur

I’ve not really been painting much lately, possibly due to the London heat (it gets particularly stuffy in our flat).

That said, I did get the brushes out this weekend to get some enjoyable painting time on a post apocalyptic sniper badass lady from Terragnosis.

Post Apocalyptic Sniper Miniature WIP

Post Apocalyptic Sniper Miniature WIP

I really am a sucker for the post apocalyptic genre and am excited to see these sculpts coming out for their Sulphur range. They do a great job of capturing the Mad Max meets Borderlands aesthetic.

Go check them out at

These 32mm miniatures are 3D sculpted and resin cast to a very high level of detail and it feels like this digital sculpting revolution represents the direction the hobby is heading in – even Corvus Belli have shifted over to digital.

I’m sure there will be traditionalists who decry the shift to computer aided sculpting, but as far as I’m concerned it’s just a tool that still needs to be wielded by a master craftsman to get the best results

~ by Max Von Deadlock on July 22, 2014.

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