Diomedes in Nine Pieces

As I mentioned in my previous post, I consider Infinity to be something of a flawed masterpiece of a tabletop skirmish game. The rules are over-complicated and full of ambiguity and special cases, with more being added with every expansion.

Yet the game, if you’ve got the right opponent and you’re both prepared to come up with interpretations on the fly, can be fantastic.

One of the main things going for the game, especially for the painter, is the aesthetic and those beautiful dynamic miniatures. But that can come at a cost when Corvus Belli insist on sticking with metal for their miniatures. Their minis are usually pretty spindly as they’re true scale rather than the chunky heroic scales of GW and Privateer Press, and this means that you’re going to be doing some delicate pinning and assembly if you don’t want them to fall apart if you so much as look at them wrong.

In the Paradiso campaign I’m playing right now my opponent is a big fan of airborne-deployed troops, so I thought I’d try one of my own and give him a taste of his own medicine. Last year I picked up Diomedes, an Ekdromoi Officer for the Aleph faction, and I am really dismayed to find that he comes in nine tiny little metal pieces!

Infinity Aleph Diomedes Miniature

He’s going to take me hours of cleaning, drilling and pinning and I’m kind of dreading it. So much that whenever I decide to assemble him and take all those pieces out of his little bag, I just can’t face it and put him away again. If I pin each piece – and I probably will have to – I’m going to have to drill 17 tiny holes.

Nine pieces and 17 drilled holes to assemble one single 32mm miniature? That’s insane!

Really makes me appreciate the great plastics and resins that are thankfully becoming more common in the hobby. I know that Corvus Belli claim to be sticking with metal as it holds detail but if an experienced hobbyist such as myself is put off by it, I can only imagine how tough it is for someone new to the hobby who feels inclined to give Infinity a try.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 9, 2014.

6 Responses to “Diomedes in Nine Pieces”

  1. I plan on starting Infinity soon – I also plan on farming out my metal preparation to someone else and paying them to prepare and pin it all for me!


  2. You can get away without pinning by using a little blob of green stuff in the join – apply superglue to both pieces of metal, drop your green stuff in, press together, and bam, solid join! It’s how I’ve avoided pinning on a lot of my Infinity models. I love the complexity of the models – it gives a real sense of achievement to each piece, and makes them feel more like treasured pieces than plastic models, I feel.


    • Cheers for the tip, Lee. I’m going to give that a go on Diomedes here because the prospect of all that drilling fills me with dread! So you put a touch of glue on each piece and then put a little ball of GS in? Guess it takes experience to know how much is enough so that it doesn’t squidge out over the join. Though I guess you can always file/sand that afterward.


      • Hehe, I’ve only every pinned a handful of my Infinity models – mainly the bigger ones like my TAGs – everything else is using the GS method! Yes, just put a small amount in – enough to help the two pieces match up evenly – if any squidges out it’s no big deal, just cut/scrape it off with a knife afterwards 🙂


      • *only ever, sorry – stupid WordPress won’t let me edit!


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