More Aleph Finished

Work on my Infinity Aleph miniatures continues and here I present a fresh batch.

It’s sort of cheating to say that they’re all newly painted as, with the exception of the Myrmidon with Spitfire (dude standing on the pipes), they’re ones I got mostly done for the Infinity campaign last year. This week I went back to tidy them a touch, paint the faction symbol on their bases and get them varnished.

The Spitfire guy is the one I started at the last Platoon Britannica meetup last month.

Infinity Aleph Miniatures

Infinity Myrmidon Miniature

Infinity Myrmidon Miniature

Infinity Myrmidon Miniature

Infinity Phoenix Miniature

Infinity Phoenix Miniature

Infinity Posthuman Miniature

Infinity Posthuman Miniature

Coincidentally there was another PB meetup today down in Dark Sphere. Attendance wasn’t great for this one, sadly, which has got me thinking that we need to start widening the net a bit to see if we can encourage more London painters to come along.

Still, it was a nice afternoon’s painting and chatting and I made some good progress toward finishing up my Aleph Marut miniature. You may recall that the Marut is the big scary four-armed TAG/robot thing that terrorised opponents in the aforementioned Infinity campaign. Be nice to get that one finished as I’m hoping it’ll serve as centrepiece for my squad entry at Salute.

Oh yeah, Salute’s just around the corner folks. Get your ticket now!

It’s April 12th by the way and don’t worry you can buy tickets on the door.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 23, 2014.

8 Responses to “More Aleph Finished”

  1. Absolutely stunning work! I really like how you blended the purple on the armour and cloths.


  2. Sadly, Sim has a bug, and we decided it would be best not to share! 😦

    Hopefully, we’ll make another one soon.


  3. Wow your stuff is just amazing, I would love if you could do a more lengthy article about how you build up the colours on these ALEPH. I’m really interested in see how you build colour up the way you do.


  4. Terrific Aleph. I quite fancy doing them when my Haqqislam is finished (it’s either them or Nomads) and want to do a darker, more “modern military” look to my Myrmidons (as it’ll basically be Myrmidons with Phoenix as my army’s core). Yours are almost the only ones I can find that are painted anything other than blue, white and grey!


    • Thanks, Robey 🙂 I’m really happy with the way the colour scheme is working on my Aleph – with the cool purple-grey balancing the warmer yellow-orange-purple on the iridescent looking armour sections. I deliberately wanted the Myrmidons to have darker armour and so they feature more black areas than the rest.


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