GoGo Marlene, War Correspondent

Yep, that’s right, GoGo Marlene is a war correspondent in the Infinity universe. Well, I see her as more of a manga-styled future entertainment media personality really. Which is my excuse anyway for painting her in these outrageous colours.

GoGo Marlene

GoGo Marlene

I also figure she’s pretty fashion conscious and would insist that her companion camera bot would colour it’s cute little faceplate to co-ordinate, darling!

She was actually a promotional miniature that came with my pre-order of the Campaign Paradiso book and, seeing as I intend to have her along as I play through that campaign against opponent JPS’s PanOceania, I figured I should get some paint on her.

She survived the first campaign mission as it happens and happily reported back to the citizens of the Human Sphere how the benevolent AI Aleph had sent it’s heroic troops in to recover some strange alien data before Pan-O could steal it for themselves.

Remember: Aleph watches over us.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 4, 2014.

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