Late War Matt Germans

I’ve got my second Bolt Action day approaching this weekend – Tom and James inbound with their US Airborne and British Commandos respectively. We’re escalating to 600 points worth this time around. Not quite enough for that Panzer…

Anyway, I’ve been making steady progress on my late war German platoon and I have some finished stuff to show you.

Bolt Action Late War Germans

Here we have a “Hanomag” SdKfz 251/1 half-track, a medium machine gun team and a couple of grenadier riflemen.

I just love the look of that iconic half-track so couldn’t wait to get one painted up for play. I read somewhere that they’re not that good in game, although it ruled the roost in our first game – my grenadier squad blitzing up to the central objective and then laying down suppressing fire with the hull-mounted MG.

The machine gun team is also toting an iconic piece of hardware in the MG42 “Hitler’s buzzsaw” and in the hands of the Germans it can lay down a fearsome hail of bullets.

I’ve enjoyed painting this lot at a fairly fast pace and am already a fair way through the first eight-man infantry squad (two of whom you see above).

All the models are Bolt Action 28mm with the exception of the half-track. I picked that resin piece up many years ago and can’t recall exactly where I got it. It seems a little on the small side but it’ll do. And I’m particularly happy with the paintjob – airbrushed camouflage, followed by sponged paint-chipping and a Flory Models weathering wash. Oh and as I didn’t have a decal to hand I decided to freehand the Balkenkreuz (Iron Cross) insignia. Came out alright.

German SdKfz 251/1 Half-Track Miniature

For the mud on the tracks I just used a bit of soft pastel I’d scraped with a scalpel and then mixed with a little water. Marron Brown was the colour, I think.

The gunner was improvised from the Bolt Action plastic infantry box and looks right at home manning that MG. Thought it seemed a bit odd to have the vehicle sat empty on the tabletop.

As a related aside, I want to make a recommendation for the wonderful Army Painter anti-shine matt varnish (pot, though the spray can is good too). I love a super matt finish to my miniatures and in the past have always used Testors Dullcote. In recent years though I’ve had mixed results with it and I get the feeling that it’s very sensitive to atmospherics, etc. This Army Painter stuff though, through the airbrush, is just awesome and flattens the finish right down. Cracking stuff.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 14, 2014.

4 Responses to “Late War Matt Germans”

  1. Very nice work mate – the half track and the gunners look great. The Germans really did have the best uniforms generally, excepting the American Paratroopers loaded with all their extra kit.

    Does Bolt Action have rules for both 15mm and 28mm or is the scale irrelevant for the game? I’ve got another blog I follow posting up about using 15mm minis in the game.


    • Thanks 🙂 I’ll be adding some splinter camo in places throughout the infantry squads too. That’s fun to paint and looks pretty cool.

      As far as I recall there are no official 15mm rules as I guess Warlord would rather you buy their miniatures. That said, I expect that it would be easy enough to simply half ranges/movement. You could use fixed squad bases too I suppose – a la Flames of War – but you’d need to somehow mark the casualties and I don’t think it would be ideal.

      Which is the other blog, btw? I’ll check it out.


  2. Loving the camo scheme on the half track.


  3. Hi Max – the other blog was Admiral Drax’s – – he dabbles in all sorts of games, though predominantly 40K – he has moved into FoW and now Bolt Action.


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