A bit late but tied at the top

Sadly I have to report that I failed to get the Marut finished in time for my game on Tuesday. I don’t know what happened but the cracking pace I had the day before just seemed to vanish, or, more likely, I underestimated how much still needed doing.

Anyway, upshot was that I had to play the game with an 80% painted mini. As well as – shock horror! – unvarnished models. Eek.

I think they travelled ok though and if I need to touch up a couple of bits of rubbed off paint it’s not too big a deal.

Aleph Miniatures Nearly Done

It was worth it though as I won my last game against a fellow Aleph player, and that Marut yet again proved to be more than worth its hefty points cost. I took a real battering from my opponent’s Penthesilea biker chick who made a real mess of my back field. So much so that with only a couple of models left in my last turn I decided to throw my three remaining orders at the Marut to go out in a blaze of glory – little suspecting that it would be a game-winning move.

The TAG (Tactical Armoured Gear) sprinted up field and rounded a corner to find a nicely bunched group of Thorakites in perfect flamethrower template formation. Oops. They burned and the game was won on that last order.


The result – four wins out of five – meant that I tied for top spot in the league but the other player was unfortunately the opponent from my only defeat, so overall victory went to him. Damn those sneaky Shasvasti!

Unbelievable result for me compared to the drubbings and wooden spoons I’ve earned playing Malifaux in tournaments.

I’ll get the last bits of painting finished off and then do some close-ups of the new minis and a group shot of the whole squad for posterity.

Tip for Infinity Aleph players: get yourself a Marut TAG. The thing is such a beast and it’s very satisfying to see how terrified opponents are of it. Also get Penthesilea. She’s badass.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on October 11, 2013.

3 Responses to “A bit late but tied at the top”

  1. Wow… Just… Wow… 😮
    Gorgeous gorgeous models…

    I am really tempted to get my Tabletop Gaming on and try Infinity some time…


  2. I’ve decided to play Aleph just to get Penthesilea. Great model =)


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