One day and one Marut to go

Just one day of painting to go before the last Infinity game of the mini league and I think I am well on track to get the five miniatures done. I managed to get the Myrmidon, Probot, Phoenix and a Posthuman Proxy finished and made some good progress on the Marut this evening.

I’m not working tomorrow so I’ve got plenty of time to get that Marut done. It’s a large miniature but I should have plenty of time if I continue at the pace of today.

Anyway, here are the five miniatures in a line-up.

Infinity Aleph Miniatures

As a little bonus I thought I’d take a picture of my wet palette just after I’d squeezed out the colours I’ve been predominantly using for these Aleph minis. I usually can’t do that and add one or two colours at a time. Here though I knew exactly which colours I’d be using so just added them all one after another.

Wet Palette

Clockwise from the turquoise-green round to the yellow and white are the colours I’ve used on the irridescent orange sections. Quite amazing to think how many hue shifts I go through there, but I guess that’s what gives it that sheen. Then I’ve got purple-grey-white for the cool white areas, and black to blue-grey and then white for highlighting the black sections.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on October 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “One day and one Marut to go”

  1. My god the paintwork on those is beautiful! Very fresh.


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