Myrmidon Speed Paint

I’m playing in a mini Infinity league thing at the local games club and am doing surprisingly well (I’m usually up for the wooden spoon in these things). I won my first three games but that streak came to an end on tuesday and it means the best I can do is come second if I win my final game. Even if I lose that one it will be an unprecedented result for me.

Anyway, as part of the league scoring, a point is awarded for a fully painted force by the final game next week. Initially I thought it would be too tall an order to get them done in time but now I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of blitzing them and getting to a position whereby I can come back after the fact and finish them off with some tidying and smoothing of blends, etc.

Past couple of evenings I got the first “speed paint” done – another Myrmidon.

Infinity Myrmidon Miniature

Infinity Myrmidon Miniature

Pleasingly I think I had him at this finished state within about 2.5 hours.

With a concerted effort over the weekend I reckon I should be able to get the remaining four minis done.

Watch this space for progress.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on October 4, 2013.

One Response to “Myrmidon Speed Paint”

  1. Haha that’s a weeks work for me! Amazing.


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