Aleph Spec Ops and a Netrod

Quick update to show a couple more minis I finished over the weekend for my growing Infinity Aleph squad.

First up we’ve got a Netrod.

Aleph Netrod Miniature

These things are handy in game to bolster the order pool and also help the Posthuman consciousness to jump back and forth between proxy bodies. Apparently. Anyway at a mere 4 points they’re pretty much a shoe-in for an Aleph player.

I think I could have lightened the coloured “petal” panels and perhaps filled the holes with darker shades, but they’ll do.

Now for a more interesting mini we have the Chandra Spec Ops.

Infinity Chandra Spec Ops Miniature

Infinity Chandra Spec Ops Miniature

The Spec Ops miniatures were a recent addition to the game – coming in Campaign Paradiso – and are supposed to be able to skill up as a campaign series progresses. In the mini tournament/league I’m playing at the moment, we’re just having them as a fixed point cost, which is fair enough I suppose.

Anyway, the miniature itself is pretty cheesecake, a complaint often levelled at Infinity’s anime inspired sculpts. I don’t have a problem with it personally. I guess, like countless artists over the centuries, I prefer to paint the female form. You can really get your teeth into those curves, if you know what I mean. Ahem.

Pretty pleased with the Chandra. I purposefully gave her a more tanned skintone compared to the rest of the Aleph minis I’m painting, to represent a trooper who’s spent a lot of time out in the field (or had plenty of decent R&R time on some sun-soaked Paradiso atoll at least).

Now because I can’t help myself, here’s a group shot of my painted Aleph so far.

Infinity Aleph Squad So Far

~ by Max Von Deadlock on September 9, 2013.

3 Responses to “Aleph Spec Ops and a Netrod”

  1. So very jealous of your beautiful beautiful minis. These looks STUNNING.
    May I ask what your colour recipe for shading the white on these guys is?


    • Cheers 🙂

      For the white (eg on the Posthuman’s thigh) I was really aiming at a cool purple-grey tone. So paints I used were Vallejo Model Colour white, VMC Sea Grey (I think), VMC Royal Purple, and then a spot of black mixed in for the deepest shade. The grey helps to keep the light purple from becoming pink/lilac.


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