Posthumanity and white balance

Next up in the series of Infinity Aleph miniatures I’m working on at the moment is one of a pair of Posthuman Proxies.

The Posthumans are an interesting and quirky model in game as they essentially count as a single model, which a consciousness jumps between and activates one at a time. I’ll be giving them their first try in a game tonight so we’ll see how it works out. Unfortunately I suspect it’s another example of the Corvus Belli coming up with cool sounding rules but which add a lot of unnecessary complexity and require in depth FAQs.

Anyway, here is the first Posthuman fully painted – a Proxy Mk 1 Hacker (who I’ll be using as a Mk 2 in game).

Aleph Posthuman Mk 1

Aleph Posthuman Mk 1

Aleph Posthuman Mk 1

All in she took about six hours I guess – painted over a three tone zenithal basecoat. I’m really pleased with how the paint scheme is coming together and also how well the base turned out, being the first of my own resin cast ones.

After photographing her I was rather disappointed to find that my camera had really shifted the white balance to be quite yellowish. So I went hunting around for tutorials on white balance adjustment in Photoshop and spent a good hour or so fiddling with threshold and curve adjustment layers.

Final results were acceptable, particularly in that first image, but the process was actually rather painful so I’m going to go back and ensure to re-calibrate settings on the camera itself in future.

Anyone got any tips for fixing up the white balance?

~ by Max Von Deadlock on September 3, 2013.

5 Responses to “Posthumanity and white balance”

  1. Oh my god that looks perfect!! Incredibly jealous of your skills right here. She looks incredible.


  2. For white balance in a studio, you really should be shooting in RAW (well, it’s easier if your camera supports it) and then using a dropper tool on a grey card to set the white balance. There’s really no substitute. We can chat down the Cross at some point if you want! It’s a really easy process.


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