Wrath of the Asura

In preparation for a game of Infinity tomorrow night I really wanted to get my Aleph Asura finished and varnished so I could use her without worrying too much about scratching and rubbing paint off, etc.

Here she is:

Aleph Asura

Aleph Asura

The perfectionist in me is not entirely satisfied with some parts but for use in game she’ll be fine so I’ve had to back off and call her done.

Also, after my previous pictures of the Myrmidon came out a bit too contrasty I decided to use a different backdrop for these shots – the classic blue gradient. Quite pleased with it, especially as it was really quick and easy to put together and print on our new printer (the previous one having been deemed too old to support, apparently).

To test it out I decided to take a couple of shots of that Myrmidon again.

Aleph Myrmidon

Aleph Myrmidon

~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 19, 2013.

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