Pinning the 20-Piece Marut

Remember way back in 2010 when I talked about how much I loathed pinning miniatures?

Probably not. Anyway, things have changed somewhat since then and I’ve gotten it down to a fairly refined art and have a set of tools that make the job mostly tolerable. Specifically a decent set of thin drill bits that make light work of the job and don’t snap when you look at them funny.

Back in 2010, the thought of embarking on the 20-piece Infinity Marut TAG model would have filled me with horror and I’d probably have lazily just smothered it in epoxy glue – a smelly, sticky and ultimately annoying process.

Aleph Marut TAG in Pieces

Admittedly it did take me like a day and a half of prep that was mostly drilling tiny 4mm deep holes, but it was actually ok and I feel confident that the resulting model is sturdy enough to stand up to play and being transported about.

Here she is, the Aleph Marut TAG – all assembled and proudly astride a bespoke base (even that had some metal lugs that needed pinning!)

Aleph Marut TAG Assembled

I should have done a size comparison. She actually stands about 65mm tall.

One interesting fringe benefit of this particular project is that I am now not phased at the prospect of prepping standard minis. They look so simple in comparison!

Talking of the right tool for the job, I do so love my plastic scriber tool. Makes making those techno bases a doddle. More on that in the coming weeks as I embark on the crazy adventure of sculpting and casting my own resin ones.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “Pinning the 20-Piece Marut”

  1. What tools did you use for pinning?


    • Hi, Tracy. I use a pin vice with a tiny (0.5mm?) drill bit and then 0.5mm brass rods. For the foot on this one I opted to use a larger drill bit (0.8ish) and a piece of paper clip, snipped with clippers. I prefer using the smaller drill bit where I can as it’s much less effort to drill and can also be used on some of the slender parts of Infinity miniatures, such as wrists and ankles.

      Hope that helps.


  2. That definitely helps. Thanks for the reply.


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