Aleph Myrmidon

Quick little update to show a recent finished mini – an Aleph Myrmidon. Infinity looks like it’s coming back into fashion down at the local club with a mini league/campaign thing starting next month, and following a great game I had a couple of weeks back I’m inspired to take part.

I’ve decided to use it as a motivator to get some Aleph minis painted up, so here’s the first in the new colour scheme – a Myrmidon.

Aleph Myrmidon

Aleph Myrmidon

I’m happy with the scheme but as it differs slightly from where I’d got to on the Asura I was working on before, she’s going to have to be re-toned. Should be pretty easily accomplished with some glazing. I hope.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Aleph Myrmidon”

  1. looks fantastic. If I really had to try and find something which might be improved then I would have to say that it looks a little bit “chalky” in the highlights. This could be the photo though and I would like to see it at the club.


    • Hi, Marcus. Looking back, I see what you mean about the chalkiness. I don’t think the photos are helping as they’re a bit over-contrasty – if that makes sense.

      I’ll be bringing the (mostly unpainted) Aleph down the club next week for a game against JPS.


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