Step by Step – Painting the Vanguard

So here’s the companion piece to last week’s Sedition Wars step-by-step. This time we’re speed-painting a vanguard trooper with grenade launcher.

The quick washes technique doesn’t suit the Vanguard armour quite as well as it does the organic Strain but it’ll do and is nice and fast, which is the aim here.

Hope you found these tutorials helpful 🙂

~ by Max Von Deadlock on July 16, 2013.

3 Responses to “Step by Step – Painting the Vanguard”

  1. That was epic! I did a shorter version of the speed painting recently, but they did not come out as good as this ( but took probably a fraction of the time ). I love the colors here though as these are the colors I see my vanguard looking like! Now you make me want to pull out both boxes, plus add ons for this game and get them all painted up! Nice work!


    • Thanks, Mr Lee 🙂 Glad I’ve inspired you to get yours done. I’m certainly enjoying churning them out and am really looking forward to playing the game with fully painted minis.


  2. once again. really really good stuff !!!!!
    Maybe its kind of off topic. But I want to do more black and white Vanguards. And not green. Do you have any tip on that.

    Or could ask how would you do it, if it was black/white with blue gun/between amour plates 🙂

    Thx any way for this cool step by step


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