Vanguard Inbound

Feels like it’s been a busy week and I’ve not been painting that much.

However, I did manage to get a test model done for the Sedition Wars Vanguard troopers earlier in the week. Then this evening, upon return from a weekend trip to far away lands (East Anglia, visiting the folks), I spent a couple of hours working on three more – following the same recipe.

Sedition Wars Vanguard

Sedition Wars Vanguard

They’re not far off. Just a bit of highlighting on the gun and other black bits, then some ink glazes for colour toning and washes on the base to finish. Oh and the visor of course.

I was originally thinking of going for a different and lighter colour scheme, but in the end it felt too right to go classic Colonial Marine meets Halo Spartan. I may vary colours a little across squads with some different hues but I’m happy with these olive green ones.

I should probably do some squad markings but we’ll see.

As with the Strain models, I intend to put together a step-by-step tutorial for the recipe I’m following.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 30, 2013.

One Response to “Vanguard Inbound”

  1. I really like the scheme here and was thinking of something similar for my own. But with more orange visors 🙂 It is enough to make them look like they would be in some sort of camo on the ship instead of the stark white of the studio paint job.


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