Taking the Strain

I’ve been quite the busy beaver this week and have seven finished (well almost finished) miniatures to share with you.

First up we have six Strain minis for the Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster boardgame.

Sedition Wars Stalker and Quasimodo

Sedition Wars Stalker and Quasimodo

Sedition Wars Revenants

Sedition Wars Revenants

I’m really pleased with this lot because I experimented with a really quick technique involving washes and am chuffed with the results. I batch painted them over an airbrushed basecoat and they only took a few hours in total. Which is a great thing because there are a whole load to do for the boardgame.

Pictured above are four Revenants, a Stalker and a Quasimodo. The painting’s finished but I need to get some varnish to protect them for play and a matt spray to get rid of that shine – brought about by an ink glaze.

I won’t go into the technique right now but will promise to do a step-by-step soon.

Then as an added bonus I’ve got my first Eden miniature almost finished. He’s Toy Man, a gimpy slave for the Matriarchy faction.

Eden Matriarchy Toy Man Miniature

Eden Matriarchy Toy Man Miniature

The base needs a little more work: probably some pigments and grass tufts. Again, he’s painted pretty quickly to a sort of “fancy tabletop” standard.

You know, looking at the subjects I’ve painted this week – nano-mutated corpses and post-apocalyptic deviants – one might question my state of mind. I’m really quite well-adjusted, honest!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “Taking the Strain”

  1. Oooh, these are looking very nice! I really like the luminosity you are getting into your work – they really seem to pop


    • Cheers, Pete 🙂

      I’ve definitely been pushing contrast and colour of late and am pleased with the progress. Also, I feel like I must be cheating or something as the results on this Sedition Wars stuff are coming out very quickly indeed.

      Talking of which, loving your work on the studio stuff.


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