Khador Widowmaker Work in Progress

Trying to make this a regular thing then – ie blogging something on a Sunday regardless of how much I’ve done hobbywise. In fact, I’ve not done a great deal of painting this week, but today I did get the brushes to the Widowmaker. C’est la:

Khador Widowmaker WIP

I’m planning to use true metallics on the gun and a few small other places (buckles ‘n buttons) and for now I’ve just base-coated those areas in sandy brown and mid grey. I find painting metals a bit frustrating as the gold/bronze paints I have tend to smear and not give good coverage. I definitely need to practice the metallics and will probably be attempting something along the lines of the Bogusz’s Stupnicki’s tutorial on Miniature Mentor.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying painting the Widowmaker Kaptain. Better get started on the base I think.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 16, 2013.

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