Max on Sundays

As I mentioned last time around, I’ve been in a fairly quiet phase here on the blog. So in an effort to turn things around I’m going to try committing to a weekly blog post – probably on sundays – in an effort to build up momentum, both in terms of blogging and also painting as well.

Easiest thing for me to start with is to highlight the projects I am currently working on.

First up is one of those minis that I’ve always had a soft spot for: the Khador WIdowmaker Captain, by Privateer Press.

Khador Widowmaker Captain WIP

Khador Widowmaker Captain WIP

She’s quite an old sculpt but there’s something about it that’s always made me want to paint her. So, deciding to just paint for fun, she seemed a natural choice. Really enjoying progress so far.

The other two projects I have on the go at the moment are a small band of Eden Matriarchy fighters for Eden, and a couple of Dreadball teams. Here’s the colour test I did for my first Dreadball Void Siren. She’ll do the job I think.

Dreadball Void Siren

Dreadball Void Siren

And here’s an Orx guard underway.

Dreadball Orx WIP

You know what, in all my years of painting I don’t think I’ve ever painted an orc. Weird.

Both teams are assembled and have had first basecoat sprays. The minis are actually on the small side compared to the 32mm scale stuff I have been accustomed to and the resin/plastic material is a bit of a paint to clean up. So I’ve decided to just do very little prep work and paint them as boardgame pieces – mould lines ‘n all.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 9, 2013.

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