More Sarissa Terrain

Now with Salute out of the way I’ve got back to finishing off the Sarissa Precision terrain I’ve been working on for the Cross Gaming Club. I’ve definitely taken longer than I should have to finish it (sorry guys!) but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Here’s the latest batch complete – two large modules (a factory and a large hab module) and a bunch of gantry/walkways:

Sarissa Precision MDF Terrain

Both of the large modules have removable roofs and there are some wall sections inside to make for some interesting tactical in game situations. I’ll probably take some close-up pics before I take them down to the club and also plan to get a shot of the complete set when it’s all done. Looking forward to seeing how they all look laid out together.

Next up I will be finishing off a load of ladders and some barriers for the roofs and gantries. I have kept the barriers separate as they’re really quite flimsy and wouldn’t last long if permanently attached. I’m also considering glueing some panel sheets to them so that they can provide a bit of cover in games of Infinity.

I’ve promised to get the whole lot done for an Infinity demo night planned for May 28th.

I better pull my finger out!

Edit – oops, I forgot a title for the post. Sloppy, Max!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on May 11, 2013.

4 Responses to “More Sarissa Terrain”

  1. I’ve been working on recessing and extending out the doors on my Sarissa factory. I didn’t buy the interior walls kit, though, so I’m going to be curious as to how that works.


  2. I like it. It will be awesome to see it on the table. 🙂

    I was thinking about something else when you said you blocked gantry (I thought you blocked railings) but this one actually works great and will nicely add blocking terrain! Good job.


  3. Looking good – is that a sneaky Hassassin Fiday hanging out looking for unsuspecting guys to take out


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