Foldaway Mini Gaming Table

Although my attention is very much focused on getting my Salute mini finished this weekend (like that’s going to happen!), I’ve been meaning to make a post about the awesome game table my Dad built for me and delivered recently.

He’s a cabinet maker by trade and so I asked him if he might be able to craft some sort of small modular gaming table frame so I could play small skirmish games on it, yet fold it away when it’s not in use.

After some discussions on a suitable design, here’s what he built me:

Collapsible Small Gaming Table

Pictures aren’t great I’m afraid but I think you can get the idea. The first pic is the frame itself, and now in the second you can see it with four 12″ mdf boards laid out on it.

Collapsible Small Gaming Table

It’s about coffee table height so I think it’ll be perfectly playable from the sofa. Nice.

Coincidentally, Secret Weapon Miniatures have just announced a Kickstarter for a series of moulded 12″ base plates. How timely. They’re pretty pricey and I wouldn’t need 16 of them (the entry level) but if they sell them individually then they could be perfect for my upcoming post apocalyptic Eden board.

Anyway, how lucky am I? Thanks Dad!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “Foldaway Mini Gaming Table”

  1. He should start a side business selling them to wargamers, definitely perfect for those small scale skirmish games like you wanted!


    • Definitely. I was originally thinking of asking for a 3ft but it would have been a bit heavy and a touch too big for the flat. Still, it’ll be perfect for the likes of Eden, Bushido, maybe Malifaux. Also I could imagine 15mm stuff fitting nicely on it – eg Gruntz. Maybe even playing some WW2 15mm at squad/skirmish level.


  2. Very nice table there. I would love to do something similar as well. I can see what you mean about the storage though, a 3×3 is quite large. I like how his legs fold up individually, very neat. Games and Gears (who is samhordes on the Cross forum) is going to relaunch his 1×1 boards in June/July, so he might do a smaller pack. His are also not quite so textured as the Secret Weapon Miniature ones, so getting a generic base should be easy.


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