Ratcheting up the Pressure

The Salute countdown clock is ticking rather loudly and urgently at the moment with just over a week to go. Eek.

As Mrs Von D would put it, I’m “ratcheting up the pressure”!

I have a mostly free weekend though so I feel like I’ll be able to dedicate a decent enough amount of time to get Lindo Guapo finished.

Significantly I have built his base, which was a a big unknown before.

More Lindo Guapo WIP

As you can see, I’m going for a Mediterranean style archway what will probably be in warm terracotta type tones with white stone detailing.

I’ve had to overcome a couple of obstacles. Firstly I have had to sculpt an extension to the wall that the mini himself is standing on so that it reaches the back arch. Bit of plasticard and putty used there (I’m still overcoming my fear of green stuff!)

Then I had to put a raised section at the front of the base as, for some unknown reason, his standing foot is too high if the wall is upright. I’ve put together a tiled section out of a couple of thin plasticard plates with a bit of tiling scored with my trusty scribing tool. I’m thinking I’ll do some sort of freehand design down there but glazed back to be quite subtle.

One bit I’m pleased with is the roof tiling. It’s made of a couple of strips of metal from a tomato puree tube that I bent back and forth over a row of cocktail sticks glued to a piece of card. It’s surprisingly effective and hopefully will paint up nicely.

For Guapo himself, I’ve reworked the face a bit more to give him a slightly more masculine air and a tanned complexion. I’ve also smoothed the cloak a bit more and pushed the contrast around the face and blue areas.

More Lindo Guapo WIP

More Lindo Guapo WIP

Now I need to get serious. I don’t want it to be a 3am finish the night before.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 11, 2013.

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