Sedition Wars – First Play

Last weekend, James and I had a first play of Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster. You will probably be aware of it as the uber-Kickstarter sci-fi boardgame by Studio McVey that’s thematically a cross between Aliens and Dead Space.

My copy is still unassembled – a treat I’m saving for when I’ve finished the Sarissa terrain – so we got to use James’s. He’s been a very busy beaver and got many models painted and it was great to play the boardgame as intended (also a shout out to Steve for coming out of retirement to paint some of the models!).

The minis, as you’d expect from Studio McVey, are really rather nice – especially considering how many are included in the box. Though they come in more pieces than I was expecting so require a fair amount of prep-work prior to play. As a tabletop wargamer I’m fine with that but I expect boardgamers will be a tad surprised.

So the minis and components are lovely but sadly I must say that the rules are some of the worst I’ve ever read. Actually, on first read it all sort of made sense but once we got playing we found inconsistencies and ambiguities aplenty. Even FAQs have still left far too many rules unclear.

Sedition Wars first session

However, going into the game prepared to house-rule and play for the fun of it we were happily rewarded with a superb experience. Neither of us are particularly competitive gamers and would rather the narrative and drama won out – which it totally did.

There were loads of cool moments throughout the games, balance of power shifted back and forth and our first game finished with a last gasp dramatic dice-roll to clinch victory for the Strain as the remaining Vanguard Trooper was taken down one square short of hitting the final objective.

Sedition Wars first session

So, Battle for Alabaster, in conclusion: thumbs down for the rules but a big thumbs up for the gameplay and components.

Really looking forward to playing more, getting to work on my models and receiving the Kickstarter exclusive goodies.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 29, 2013.

4 Responses to “Sedition Wars – First Play”

  1. I think the rules are good but the rulebook needs work. The mechanics and gameplay are really fun, it’s just some of the fiddily bits that need ironing out.


    • I agree. The mechanics of the game are excellent – providing plenty of strategic and tactical depth but they’re fun and fast moving (when you’re not looking things up in FAQs anyway!)


  2. There seems to be a real effort on the boards to clean it up, a updated PDF rulebook wouldn’t suprise me if it arrived soon.


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