Toxic Tilly Triumphs

Gotta love some alliteration!

Anyway, just a quick word to say that my Tilly paintjob was voted the favourite by members on the Platoon Britannica mini competition. The final entry list was small but it was an honour to have mine recognised.

The competition – whose aim is to encourage members to paint minis from independent British manufacturers – is a great idea, in my opinion, and has indeed introduced me to some fantastic mini companies.

So far the PB Best of British competition has featured:

  • Haslefree Miniatures
  • Studio McVey
  • Statuesque Miniatures

All of the above companies are really worth checking out, they put out some great sculpts that are a joy to paint. Well, I can’t talk from experience on painting a McVey yet, to my shame, but they sure do have some stunning minis and everyone raves about them. I’ve got Isabella in my pile o’ resin so I’ll get round to her at some point.

I wonder which company will be featured next?

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 19, 2013.

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