Tilly’s Gantry

On Sunday a few local folks from the Platoon Britannica forum met up down at the Dark Sphere store to chat, paint and share tips, etc.

Unfortunately, snow put paid to many members plans to join in the fun, but the few hardy souls who braved it had a good time nonetheless.

I spent the afternoon working on Tilly and managed to generally tidy and smooth things. I also started work on the webbing and pouches. May not look that different but up close I’m much happier with the blends and detailing.

More Tilly WIP

In addition to that I’ve built up the base now.

Tilly's Base

Tilly's Base

I’ve got a slight concern about where Tilly will be standing as it might be a little too far forward and I might have to have her on the step. We’ll see.

Otherwise I’m happy with the overall look of it. Maybe it needs a bit more stuff for the roving eye – a railing or two, some signage, a crate/box, pipes/wires, kitchen sink… Again, I’ll have to suck it and see, maybe once I’ve done a test assembly with Tilly on there.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Tilly’s Gantry”

  1. Love the figure, the base is beginning to look awesome to.

    So under the gantry is that going to be liquid/water? If so may be you could have a railing that has fallen in to that?

    Anyway whatever you decide I am sure it will be as awesome as always.


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