The proof of the goop

So just before the holiday break I asked for readers to help me choose a colour scheme for my Statuesque miniature. Apologies for keeping you patient folks waiting. Without further ado I present a progress update on the lady herself.

Statuesque Tilly WIP

Statuesque Tilly WIP

Seems like I have a penchant for painting shiny buns!

The model is Tilly Tumbleworth, by Statuesque Miniatures and I need to get her finished by Feb 1st (I think) for the Best of British online competition over on Platoon Britannica.

At present, the purple is looking a bit too violet so I’m going to be glazing back with some blue and also bringing the orange-yellow down a bit too. Also there needs to be a lot more smoothing and pushing of contrast.

But where does the green colour come in?

Well, it was when trying to figure out how to squeeze in that third hue that I had a flash of inspiration for her base. What I’m planning to do is have her running across some sort of metal gantry suspended over a tank of corrosive yellow-green goop – sending some lovely green OSL (object source lighting) up from below.

In my head it’s awesome but the proof of the goop will be in the painting I guess.

The deadline’s looming so we shouldn’t have to wait too long.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 21, 2013.

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