Pick a colour, any colour

There’s a painting competition running over on Platoon Britannica to paint up a Statuesque miniature. They do a really nice sci-fi range that you should totally check out.

Anyway, I’ve been so undecided about what colours to use on my selected mini that I thought I would put a call out in the hope a couple of kind readers might assist me.

So what I’m after is a pair of numbers. The first number must be between 0 and 359, and the second between 5 and 90. Any takers? I’ll take the first number from one poster and the second from another. Assuming I get two comments of course, otherwise Mrs Von D gets to choose!

All will be explained in a followup post.

(This is a fun game isn’t it?)

~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 26, 2012.

3 Responses to “Pick a colour, any colour”

  1. 268 and 37

    Good luck!


  2. 76


  3. Thanks chaps! I’ll take 268 from Mark and 76 from Jani. Wonder what that makes…


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