Tilda and Maginos

Mrs Von D and I have been having a lot of fun playing Mice & Mystics – particularly now we’re playing the rules correctly and the difficulty level is a bit more appropriate!

I’ve decided that our gaming experience would be enhanced if I sploshed a bit of paint on the cute little minis.

So far I’ve given all the models a prime and a spray undercoat and I have also speedpainted a couple of the mouse hero figures.

First up we have Tilda the healer and Maginos the mystic.

Tilda and Maginos

Probably took about 90 minutes each to do so I am trying not to beat myself up about the shoddiness in places, mould lines, etc.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 18, 2012.

6 Responses to “Tilda and Maginos”

  1. It does make me laugh when you describe amazing paint jobs like this as rough! Incredible for 90 mins work.


    • Exactly, you see ‘shoddy’, I see ‘god damn that’s nice’. Eye of the beholder and all that, but really nice work and i’m sure it’s a pleasure to play the game with them!


  2. Just passing through and saw what you call ‘rough’ paint work. I swear, if my rough work was that good, I would never need to do more than rough.

    Happy xmas


  3. Hi Max. Really nice work. In fact, rough or not, this is the best version of Mice and Mystics minis I’ve seen on the web and I’ve seen a lot. This leads me to my question: my daughter and I own a version of that game and I was looking for someone to paint the game set for us. Would you do that? If so, how much would it cost without the shipping for that color scheme and level of quality? Feel free to answer me on my email. If you say yes for a fair amount, my daughter will go nuts (and me too)!. Thank you for your answer and please note that, man, your hands are made of gold, seriously.


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