Aleph Asura WIP

For some reason I’m reticent to post work-in-progress shots up to the blog and would rather just showcase finished works for some reason. Perhaps it’s something about baring one’s soul, fear of rejection, and other such psychobabble.

Well, as I’m resolved to be more active on the blog, I’m just going to get over it and post up WIPs. It should encourage me to pick up the brush more too so I have stuff to show you.

Enough pre-amble. Here’s my next Infinity project, now that I’ve got a good amount of Haqqislam done, a spitfire-toting Asura for the Aleph faction. She’s a rather dangerous beauty in game – an elite heavy infantry with state of the art cybernetic body.

Aleph Asura WIP

Aleph Asura WIP

Painting-wise I wanted to experiment with pushing colours a bit and have ended up with this rather pleasing turquoise->mauve->beige blend. It’s nicely complemented, I think, by the mint green glowing hex pattern panels.

I’ll probably need to add another tertiary colour in there somewhere and will have to decide on a colour for the gun (white maybe?)


Anyway, I’m thinking that I might put a bit more time into these than I did the Haqqislam and aim to enter them as a squad at Salute.

One thing that’s just occurred to me is that this WIP gives a bit of insight into my painting process. You’ll see that I have worked areas to near completion before jumping over to something else. So here, I really wanted to explore the colouring on the legs but only got a bit done on the torso/shoulders before I jumped over to the hex panelling stuff – to see what colour might work. The good thing is that with the wet palette I know I can jump back and forth with impunity.

Rather than having a fixed rule like paint “inner to outer”, “flesh first”, or whatever, I do find myself painting the bit that draws my attention the most – or that I just look forward to painting. This is especially true for an exploratory mini like this one. On the army type stuff I think I tend to go for largest coverage, once I’ve got my colour scheme nailed.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 29, 2012.

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