Sarissa Silos

Before heading across the pond for an NYC visit I managed to finish up some Sarissa Precision pieces for the club gaming terrain. Didn’t have time to post about them before we headed out however, so now I’m back in Blighty here they are.

They are silos from the System Infinity lasercut MDF range.

System Infinity Silos

System Infinity Silos

I’m liking this Sarissa MDF stuff as it’s a dream to put together (gotta love laser-precision) and the results are pretty good for the money I think.

After some two-tone airbrushing I thought I’d spice them up with some custom made stencil logos, which may cause mild geekthrills.

To finish them I used a new weathering wash by Flory Models that I can definitely recommend.

To apply it I started by layering some Future Klear floor varnish to give a smoother gloss finish, and then liberally sploshed on the weathering wash. After about 20 minutes drying time the wash is good to wipe off with a damp kitchen towel.

On the MDF the grain was still present so the wash does highlight the texture quite a bit. I think if you’re weathering a smooth plastic kit such as a plane or tank then I think you’d have a bit more control. I confess that I’m being a bit lazy and not sanding the MDF to a smooth finish before priming but I think the results are fine given the small amount of time it takes (and how much I have to do!).

For reference, I used the Dark Dirt wash on the silos and added an extra bit of the Rust wash on the ladders.

Oh yes, for those ladders I wanted to do a bit of a chipped paint effect so used a small sponge to dab on a bit of rusty red-brown paint before doing the varnish + wash treatment. Looks pretty cool I think.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 27, 2012.

5 Responses to “Sarissa Silos”

  1. Looks fantastic, cannot wait to see them in person. Got something cool lined up for a reward when your done, I think you will love it. Don’t worry, it’s not more terrain.


  2. If i could bother you again, what were the colours of the browns you used here, as this sort of colour may better suit my desert board. I play Haqqislam too, so im making a themed board… My minis are terrible compared to your awesome ones though.


    • For the brown I wanted something rusty-reddish akin to the buildings in this lovely piece by artist Ioan Dimitrescu. So I used a purple-blue for the shadows. Then Vallejo Flat Brown as the midtone and a light orange (or maybe a fleshtone?) as the highlight.


  3. Thanks for the info again. Final question… What were the colours you used for the yellow ladders?


    • From memory, I sprayed them with an orangey brown, then a golden yellow and finally a little bit of ice yellow from above.

      Then to give the rust chip effect I dabbed on some flat brown with an old sponge. Finished with a wash of the Flory rust wash and then the Flory dark dirt wash. Wipe most of that off once dry and you’re done!

      I’ve got a load of standalone ladders and railings to do so I’ll probably do a step-by-step tutorial of the process 🙂


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