MVD Gets a Liebster

Seems like there’s a lot of Liebster blogging awards going around and I was fortunate enough to be awarded one by The Frontline Gamer!

I believe it’s a sort of chain thing where you are supposed to link back to the nominator and then to award five of your own to, ideally, blogs with less than 200 followers. Seems like a nice way to spread the love to small blogs like mine.

Trouble I have is that I’ve really only been merrily posting away in my own little blogosphere and not really following that many others, to my shame, and therefore find it hard to hand out such awards myself.


Turns out that getting this nomination has served a dual purpose.

1. It has encouraged me to become more active within the blogging community. As a result of the award I have gone out and actively hunted out blogs that I find inspiring and interesting. In the process discovering the likes of Fire Broadside!, Dwartist’s Painting Blog, Anatoli’s Game Room, Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher, among others. They’ve gone on the Reader list and I’m open to more suggestions.

2. I’ve resolved to post more. I’m sure all but the most disciplined of bloggers go through phases of prolific posting between hiatuses, but knowing that there are people reading the blog is a good spur to keep the downtime at a minimum. Which in turn inspires me to pick up the brush more. Win-win, as they say.

So many thanks again to Frontline Gamer for the award. And, to any new readers who might have strayed over to poke around here: welcome!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 26, 2012.

One Response to “MVD Gets a Liebster”

  1. Eerily, the little inspirational quote that came up on the WordPress sidebar to tell me I’d published this post successfully was:

    The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.
    – Jeff Jarvis

    How timely!


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